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Wall decal toilet sticker pictogram "pee sitting down" W733

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Wall decal toilet sticker pictogram "pee sitting down" W733

The pictogram "Pee sitting down" is the ideal toilet sticker to draw up and convey small bathroom rules with a little wit and charm.

A pictogram says more than a thousand words - toilet stickers

Who doesn't know this: Many men like to pee standing up.
However, impassable things are then distributed around the toilet.
This toilet decal is just what you need to avoid doing exactly that in the future: the man who pees standing up,
is an unmistakable but still funny message to guests and residents.

The most important information at a glance:

  • Pictogram, toilet sticker
  • Model: Pee sitting down
  • Size: 11*12cm
  • Color: any (see color table)
  • Material: Single-color, semi-gloss, self-adhesive vinyl film
  • Scope of delivery: wall tattoo in the chosen colour, application instructions, free sample sticker for test application

Suitable for gluing on all smooth surfaces

You can easily stick the pictogram to any smooth surface in the bathroom or toilet.
The scope of delivery includes tips and tricks for installation as well as detailed instructions and a test sticker.
The toilet sticker is 11x12 cm.

Self-adhesive and easy to apply

The toilet sticker sticks by itself.
This means that you do not need any additional glue to attach the pictogram.
Simply choose a place, peel off the foil and mount it anywhere.
Make sure that you clean and dry the selected area beforehand.
Convince yourself of this innovative and funny sticker, which conveys to your guests and residents that your toilet is used for peeing while sitting.
The sticker is not only suitable for toilets at home, but also in restaurants, bars or in the office.

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