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Skyline wall decal

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Wall decal Skyline: Big city flair in your own home. Are you a fan of vibrant cities and impressive skyscrapers? Bring this unforgettable flair into your home with a wall tattoo! Enjoy the view of the world every day without having to travel long distances. At Grandora you have a large selection of skyline wall decals from different cities such as Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne, London, Munich, New York and Paris. You have the freedom to choose from a variety of designs, from monochromatic skylines to silhouettes and well-known landmarks. What should be considered when attaching Skyline wall decals? Make sure the surface is clean before applying the wall decal. Remove any dust or dirt. Our wall tattoos stick to smooth walls, woodchip wallpaper, glass surfaces, mirrors and furniture. With our wall tattoo skylines you have no limits to your freedom of design. If you are installing a large wall decal, you can use a squeegee to smooth it out and avoid air bubbles. Combine our skyline wall decals with other skyline decoration items, such as wallpaper and canvas prints. Spread a real big city feeling in your home and show your love for different metropolises. Try it, we're sure you'll love it!