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Wall decal toilet sticker "You again" W3034

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Motif color
With our toilet sticker "You again" you ensure a creative decoration in your bathroom and one or the other amused guest.

Funny toilet sticker for your toilet

Going to the toilet is in itself quite unspectacular.
If you are looking for a creative decoration for the bathroom and toilet that will brighten your day for a few minutes, then we have just the right thing for you!
Our toilet sticker "You again" can be attached to the inside of the toilet lid.
Each time you open it, you will be greeted in a very special way.

Original toilet sticker "You again"

  • Dimensions: 21cm x 26cm
  • Color: Choose from a variety of different shades
  • Gluing instructions as well as tips & tricks for assembly
  • Free sample sticker for test application

Resistant material for long durability

Especially in the toilet, it is important that the toilet sticker is of good quality and remains durable.
The sticker consists of a single-colored, semi-matt film.
This film is self-adhesive and with a bit of skill can be easily attached to the appropriate place.
It sticks easily to all silicone-free surfaces such as wallpaper, glass, tiles or plastic.
We will supply you with the toilet sticker as a cut-out motif without a background film.
You are free to choose the color of the sticker.
A large selection of trend colors is available to you.

Use our tips for gluing and mounting

If you have never used a wall tattoo or a similar sticker, that is of course not a problem.
Together with the toilet sticker, we will provide you with adhesive instructions and other tips for installation.
Before you attach the actual sticker, you can test our free sample sticker.
For more information, please have a look at our video gluing instructions in our shop.

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