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Switch tattoo fairy with stars noctilucent G136

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Wall tattoo / switch tattoo - fairy with stars noctilucent G136

Embellish your sockets or light switches with these switch tattoos. A little fairy is depicted, with stars floating around this fairy. The tattoo is noctilucent and will beautify your room at night. The stars can be stuck on individually and in this way you can adapt the sticker to the spatial conditions. This tattoo is suitable for showing you the way to the next light switch even in the dark. But this tattoo is also a real eye-catcher in other places in your home.

We offer this motif in the size (W x H):

  • 9 x 13 cm (fairy)

The stars can be placed as desired and increase the size.

You get this motif from noctilucent foil.
The film absorbs luminosity when it is bright and radiates it again when it is dark.

Tip: the foil can be charged best in artificial room light (light bulb, neon, etc.).
In daylight, the light storage is usually not fully charged.
The film is a quality film used in the industry and
has a high light storage capacity for long afterglow.

scope of delivery

  • Wall tattoo in the given size made of noctilucent foil
  • detailed gluing instructions with tips and tricks for assembly

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